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Inspired Vision.
Determined Execution.

CRE Advisory and Brokerage


We are always seeking opportunities to add value.

Ambrose Commercial specializes in advisory and brokerage for property owners and investors, primarily in South Florida. Client-centric and supported by a solid technology stack, Ambrose Commercial excels in delivering tailored solutions designed to surpass expectations.  


Empowering Your Success through Our Unique Strengths.

Advisors First

Ambrose Commercial’s role is to always act as an advisor to clients. We work closely with our clients to carefully evaluate all opportunities and provide thoughtful guidance. If we determine a particular deal may not be in our client's best interests, we will have an open discussion to explore alternative options that better align with their goals.

Marketing Listings 

Properties listed for sale by Ambrose Commercial are marketed to the widest universe of potential buyers possible. This is always in the seller’s best interests and is foundational to our operations. Many brokerages will begin by marketing their listings to only their internal buyers. Ambrose Commercial does not.


As property investors as well as brokers, we see properties with the same eyes as an owner, a seller, or a buyer.  This multi-faceted view of properties enables us to anticipate conditions, often before they may even arise, and strategize with clients to craft appropriate responses.  


Every Client Is a Valued
Long-Term Partner



Successfully marketing and selling properties at their highest possible price for sellers is the bedrock function of any capable real estate brokerage. Properties listed for sale by Ambrose Commercial are marketed to the widest range of potential buyers.


Ambrose Commercial can tap into its extensive network of third-party professionals (legal counsel, tax advisors, financial analysts, engineers, architects, and property managers) to work in concert with Ambrose Commercial toward the completion of purchases.


Ambrose Commercial provides advisory and brokerage services to banks and lending institutions seeking to sell real estate-backed notes and loans. In addition to our note sale advisory capabilities, we also have extensive experience with the bankruptcy process.


Advisory services include property-specific valuation reports, market reports, 1031 exchange guidance and structuring, special situations property transactions, land development assessments, and asset management services.  

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